AGFA Collection Vol. III

AGFA Collection Vol. III

We love Austin, Texas' American Genre Film Archive. Working their socks off to preserve, conserve and distribute the coolest and craziest in seldom-seen underground cult cinema, we are extremely happy to now bring you a third AGFA Collection of fantastic flipping mad exploitation films the likes of which you've never seen!

The trippy Texploitation 'Things To Come' sees a woman bailing on her marriage to investigate a strange sci-fi cult in a dreamy and dystopian film full of robots, computers and bloody violence!
For a perfect X-rated double bill, pair 'Things To Come' with 'The Dirty Dolls' - a sleazy and psychotic summery Californian crime spree movie high on the fumes of the Manson murders.

'She Mob' is a sweaty, dusty, Dallas-set 'Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!' from an alternate universe that follows the hijinx of a girl gang on the run from the cops with a kidnapped gigolo in tow; the more absurdist and surreal take on the girl gang-sploitation picture, 'The Girl From Pussycat', is a perfect companion piece to 'She Mob' whose wild band of women are into orgies, getting stoned, robbing banks, and torturing men by jamming their fingers in toasters!

The marvellously monikered 'Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things' is the histrionic Floridian psychodrama you'd get from mixing 'Pink Flamingoes', 'Blood Feast' and 'The Brady Bunch' into an acid-spiked smoothie. An overlooked early chapter in queer cinema, 'Sometimes Aunt Martha' stars Abe Zwick as Paul, a Baltimore bank robber who cross-dresses as Aunt Martha and whose bubbling paranoia while in hiding from the law bursts into a demented killing spree.

The AGFA Collection Volume III is rounded out by 'The Curious Dr. Humpp' - a film that AGFA themselves don't describe as a movie, but as a rite of passage. Both artful and unhinged, this sex-horror classic sees the titular doc and his army of monsters draining the blood of young, sexed-up couples in order to keep him youthful forever. This one is a real head-messer-upper!

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AGFA Collection Vol. III
  • Things to Come

    1976 • United States • Directed by Derek Todd

    A future dystopia dream-epic shot in San Antonio, THINGS TO COME finds Julie leaving her marriage to investigate a mysterious sci-fi cult on behalf of frustrated women everywhere. With a soundtrack that feels like it was cribbed from A CLOCKWORK ORAN...

  • The Dirty Dolls

    1973 • United States • Directed by Stu Segall

    Johnny, a psychopath, puts together a gang made up of young teenage girls to commit crimes for him. Everything is going well until one day, during a diamond robbery, the girls are forced to take two hostages and bring them back to the hideout along w...

  • She Mob

    1968 • United States • Directed by Harry Wuest

    Shot on the sweaty backroads of Dallas and Waco, SHE MOB is an underground miracle that feels like an alt-Earth FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! as realized by a young John Waters. Big Shim is the cone-bra-wearing butch leader of a wild girl gang that’s...

  • The Girl From Pussycat

    1969 • United States • Directed by Smythe David

    Shot in New York with the crude experimentation of an early Andy Warhol film, THE GIRL FROM PUSSYCAT is a fascinating outlier in the world of underground exploitation. The movie follows a girl gang of social and sexual anarchists as they have orgie...

  • Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things

    1971 • United States • Directed by Thomas Casey

    Dropping somewhere between PINK FLAMINGOS, BLOOD FEAST, and an episode of THE BRADY BUNCH on acid, SOMETIMES AUNT MARTHA DOES DREADFUL THINGS is a histrionic psychodrama that could only have originated in the alternate dimension known as Florida. A...

  • The Curious Dr. Humpp

    1969 • Argentina • Directed by Emilio Vieyra

    THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP isn’t a movie -- it’s a rite of passage. Easily one of the most brainbreaking sensory overloads in exploitation history, the story follows Dr. Humpp and his army of grotesque monsters as they kidnap couples and drain their “blood...