• June on ARROW - Trailer

    Get a load of all the genre film hijinx being unleashed on ARROW this June in our new trailer.

    June on ARROW features the Game Trilogy, a sharksploitation double bill, a Franco Nero triple bill, mind-benders from Third Window and rare gems from Radiance Films, as well as curated Sci-Fi and Marti...

  • Masters of Horror

    8 items

    Nine directors whose game-changing work in the genre earned them the title 'Masters of Horror' (and a spot directing an episode of the legendary 2005 television show of the same name).

    Featuring Cult classics from the likes of Dario Argento, George A. Romero, Lucio Fulci, Takashi Miike, Don Cosc...

  • Adam Cesare Selects

    8 items

    Adam Cesare is the Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of the young adult slasher novel Clown in a Cornfield, its sequel Clown in a Cornfield 2: Frendo Lives, and Clown in a Cornfield 3: [Incendiary Subtitle to be Revealed]. His other works include the cult hit novels Video Night and The Con Season,...

  • House on the Edge of the Park


    1985 • Italy • Directed by Ruggero Deodato

    For his follow-up to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, director Ruggero Deodato delivered a shocker packed with even more cruelty and controversy. 40+ years later, it remains one of the most disturbing exploitation films of all time: David Hess of THE LAST HOUSE ON T...

  • Mansion of the Living Dead


    1985 • Spain • Directed by Jess Franco

    One of the more infamous works of his Golden Films Internacional period, writer/director Jess Franco's depraved subversion of raunchy comedy, erotic thriller and heretical horror has never popped off the screen like this: When four topless cocktail waitress...

  • P S Y C H O T R O N I C

    48 items

    P S Y C H O T R O N I C is a collection of far-out films all listed in Michael Weldon's cult guide to the wildest movies ever made, and the film guide that Quentin Tarantino swears by, 'The Psychotronic Encyclopaedia of Film'. Described by Weldon as "[films] traditionally ignored or ridiculed by ...

  • Hand of Death
    Movie + 2 extras

    Hand of Death

    Movie + 2 extras

    1976 • Hong Kong • Directed by John Woo

    When Golden Harvest first released Hand of Death in 1976, no-one paid much attention to the names of writer/director Wu Yu-sheng, third-billed actor Chen Yuen-lung or fight choreographer Hung Chin-pao in the opening credits. Within a decade, however, each ...

  • Horror Movie Survival Guide Selects

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    Julia Marchese and Teri Gamble, hosts of the hit Horror Movie Survival Guide podcast, have been in training to be Final Girls for over 300 episodes now, so they know a thing or two about horror. Come with us now, as they delve into the ARROW archives to Select their favourite films.

    (not all fil...

  • Big Time Gambling Boss


    1968 • Japan • Directed by Kôsaku Yamashita

    Tokyo, 1934. Gang boss Arakawa is too ill and a successor must be named. The choice falls on Nakai, but being an outsider he refuses and suggests senior clansman Matsuda instead. But Matsuda is in jail and the elders won’t wait for his release, so they...

  • Third Window Films

    15 items

    The Third Window Films brand was born in 2005 when its film-loving founders grew bored of the stream of worn-out shock horror vehicles from the Far East.

    Third Window Films works hard to bring you the wonderful world beyond long-haired ghost films and mindless Hollywood action copies, sourcing t...

  • A Paul Joyce Documentary - Mantrap. Straw Dogs: The Final Cut


    2003 • United Kingdom • Directed by Paul Joyce

    “I will not allow violence against this house.”

    A controversial Cult siege thriller that cuts so close to the bone that we are still talking about it today, MANTRAP: Straw Dogs - The Final Cut is an absolutely unmissable documentary that unflinchi...

  • A Woman Kills


    1968 • France • Directed by Jean-Denis Bonan

    A series of prostitute murders disturbs the public with the thought of a serial killer on the loose. Hélène Picard, a prostitute, is sentenced and executed for the murders, but shortly thereafter similar crimes continue. Executioner Louis Guilbeau mea...

  • A Paul Joyce Documentary - Motion and Emotion: The Films of Wim Wenders


    1990 • United Kingdom • Directed by Paul Joyce

    Put on your shades and get ready to hang out in a Berlin apartment with the super-cool German filmmaker behind Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire, Wim Wenders.  The feature-length documentary, Motion and Emotion: The Films of Wim Wenders, examines ev...

  • Molto Argento: The Dario Argento Collection

    9 items

    A killer collection of one of the all-time master's of horrors' murderous masterpieces, Molto Argento is a season of slick and stylish films from maestro Dario Argento.

    Featuring a selection of his very best standalone films, as well as team-ups with Lamberto Bava and George A. Romero, Molto Ar...

  • The Grand Tour


    1992 • United States • Directed by David Twohy

    "Time is running out... AGAIN!" Join Jeff Daniels and Jeff Daniels in the time-travelling sci-fi thriller, The Grand Tour.

    Directed by David Twohy (Pitch Black), a widowed innkeeper (Jeff Daniels) battles a band of disaster groupies from the future...

  • May on ARROW - Trailer

    Discover what dark delights we have in store for you this May on ARROW in our new trailer.

    This May on ARROW is mayhem, with a saucy and scheming Margot Robbie, Robert Sheehan with Tourettes, a Big Time Gambling Boss, a Punk Samurai, a kidnapped Rutger Hauer, an en Français serial killer, Japane...

  • Ban This Sick Filth: The Return

    11 items

    Fear not, my sins-soaked children, for Sister Filth is here to whip you all back into shape and set you on the path to piety.

    Since my last visit, the disgusting reprobates at ARROW have filled their streaming airwaves with even more morally reprehensible depravity. But I have taken it upon mys...

  • Vincenzo Natali Selects

    10 items

    Vincenzo Natali – writer/producer/director – Cube, Splice, Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities: “Graveyard Rats”, The Peripheral.

    “I gathered this list just by reacting to what jumped out at me without thinking about any particular theme or parameters. But I quickly realized that they ar...

  • No Escape


    1994 • United States • Directed by Martin Campbell


    Ray Liotta, Lance Henriksen, Ernie Hudson and Kevin Dillon star in the brutal and bloody sci-fi action-adventure, No Escape.

    In the far-flung future of 2022, John Robbins (Liotta), a dishonourably discharged Mar...

  • Gala Avary Selects

    19 items

    Gala Avary from THE VIDEO ARCHIVES PODCAST invites you into the scene…
    POV: It’s Friday night. Instead of going out, we’ve decided to stay in and hang out. We’ve already labored over the difficult decision of what to eat (and, of course, decided on ordering Thai food like usual) — but now it’s ...

  • Heart of Dragon
    Movie + 4 extras

    Heart of Dragon

    Movie + 4 extras

    1985 • Hong Kong • Directed by Sammo Hung

    Lifelong friends since they met as boys at Peking Opera school, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung conquered the Hong Kong film industry side-by-side in the 1970s and 1980s. One of their greatest collaborations sees the two 'brothers' playing actual brothers for...

  • Knockabout
    Movie + 2 extras


    Movie + 2 extras

    1979 • Hong Kong • Directed by Sammo Hung

    Having established himself as Hong Kong’s premier action choreographer throughout the 1970s, Sammo Hung ended the decade by directing a non-stop assault of kung fu classics for Golden Harvest, starting with the brutal Iron-Fisted Monk. But it would be h...

  • A Paul Joyce Documentary - Sam Peckinpah: Man of Iron


    1993 • United Kingdom • Directed by Paul Joyce

    This straight-talking program seeks to understand the enigmatic and controversial Sam Peckinpah, whose violent films such as The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs had a telling effect on the cinema of the 1970s and 80s. Those who knew and worked with him, i...

  • Benson and Moorhead Selects

    3 items

    Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the celebrated super-cool directorial duo behind Cult favourites Spring and The Endless, and most recently Something in the Dirt and Moon Knight, have curated a collection of their favourite films on ARROW. Curious about their recommendations? Then come and disco...