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  • 70's
    76 videos


    76 videos

    Anyone that knows ARROW knows we love films from the 70s. There is something about this era of film that makes the ARROW team really happy. Whether it's the grainy, low budget film-making, the style of the Giallo films or the birth of some of the most well-known horrors the world has ever seen, w...

  • 80's
    81 videos


    81 videos

    The movies of the 1980's. Makes you think of all those films filled with psychopathic-serial killers, demonic possessions, blood-splattering action and murderous children doesn't it? Well, that is what we at ARROW think of so we thought we would give you a place to relive some ARROW 80's classics.

  • 90s
    23 videos


    23 videos

    If ARROW could create a 1990's based world, it would be filled with insane haircuts, hackers, giant turtles and people with long hair crawling out of your TV every day. Lucky for you we only look after this ARROW world, so we bring you the delights of the 90's: ARROW style in this unmissable and ...

    27 videos


    27 videos

    Of course we love our Classic Cult movies but there's always room for some brand NEW CULT ones too. The team at ARROW spend countless hours having the truly awful (not really) task of watching some great new films from all over the world and what better way to give the ARROW stamp of approval tha...

  • ARROW Essentials: Western

    18 videos

    Yes, we at ARROW call them Westerns. Some call them Spaghetti Westerns. Whatever you may call them (and no matter how many times you may have watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) we can all agree that this incredible little sub-genre that came out of the 60's still stands the test of time today...

    23 videos


    23 videos

    The slasher sub-genre is a fundamental part of horror and movies where masked or disfigured killers brutally murder young transgressors one by one until only a final girl remains to face-off against the big bad have provided us with some of the genres most iconic killers and unforgettable kills. ...

  • Academy Classics

    45 videos

    Arthouse, world cinema, classics - they can all be found here in this collection. We at ARROW have bought together some of the best cinema classics from all over the world such as all-time greats CINEMA PARADISO, GOSFORD PARK and BICYCLE THIEVES to curated selections of auteur directors such as J...


    32 videos

    32 videos


    32 videos


    33 videos

    Sick. Comedy. Laughs.

  • ARROW Essentials: GIALLO

    26 videos

    GIALLO. That word you have heard a thousand time before. Maybe you've heard it before being a true Giallo aficionado and you know your Locked Room Vices from your Black Laces.

    Or maybe, just maybe, you've heard that name and thought "What on earth is that??" but have been shamed in to a corner ...

  • ARROW Stories

    106 videos

    We at ARROW absolutely LOVE our super-deluxe-amazing Blu-ray releases and everything that comes along with them. As well as those phenomenal feature restorations of Cult Classics (and of course New Cult), it's those hours upon hours of documentaries, interviews, visual essays and conversations th...

  • Monsters
    35 videos


    35 videos

    With every kind of big bad beastie you could think of, and even some that you couldn’t possibly imagine, MONSTERS is the place to be for all your inhuman and unnatural creature needs!

    Featuring fearsome miscreations from the imaginations of Clive Barker, Wes Craven and George A. Romero and full ...

  • Zombies
    10 videos


    10 videos

    What would Halloween be without the soothing sounds of shuffling undead footsteps and those gentle seasonal moans for some brains? If it’s the undead you’re after, you’re in the right place.

    There’s definitely no more room in hell and Lucio Fulci, Ryûhei Kitamura, Lamberto Bava, Takashi Miike et...

  • Vampires
    16 videos


    16 videos

    Check your neck, unholster your holy water and crucifix and cry “Get back foul creature! This Halloween, my blood is not for sucking! Because I watched the VAMPIRE collection on ARROW and know all your tricks!”

    Full of fanged fiends who have no reflection but do have an unquenchable thirst for t...

  • Slashers
    23 videos


    23 videos

    As the nights draw in and the shadows lengthen, keep an eye out over your shoulder, remember to keep the door locked and don’t ever say “Who’s there?” A stalk and slash flick is a perfect choice on a crisp Halloween night and we have some belters.

    Deranged killers wanting to avenge a past misdee...

  • Giallo
    22 videos


    22 videos

    Not only do the giallo genre’s iconic black leather gloves keep your hands warm, which is handy now there is an Autumnal chill in the air, but they wipe clean too - which is even more helpful in this collection of slick and bloody whodunits.

    No one does giallo better than ARROW and in this colle...

  • Gore
    34 videos


    34 videos

    You want guts? You just want prone victims ripped to pieces, everything pulled out and thrown all over the place and the empty carcass spraying blood across every surface? No problem. Come on in.

    With an abattoir and a half’s worth of viscera, ARROW’s GORE section has enough insides on the outsi...

  • Psychological

    27 videos

    If you fancy those thrills and twists that make you think and mess with your head and the red herrings and rug-pulls that will leave you questioning everything you’ve just seen and desperate to know where this is going, then it’s time to get PSYCHOLOGICAL.

    An all-star lineup features thrillers f...

  • Documentaries

    15 videos

    DOCUMENTARIES is the place to be for a look behind the lens to see how some of your favourite films were made, and the trials and tribulations their makers went through to ensure that their vision won through and reached you.

    Learn all there is to know about the evolution of the Hellraiser franc...

  • Spirits
    32 videos


    32 videos

    Things are about to get a little (A LOT) spoo-ooooo-ooky up in here. SPIRITS is a selection of ARROW favourites that are rammed to the haunted rafters with all manner of ghostly goings-on.

    Spooks, spectres, ghosts, ghouls, demons, witchy-business and possession, if it’s designed to send shivers ...

  • Comedy
    25 videos


    25 videos

    After all these jumps and chills I think we all deserve a little T.O, so kick back here in the COMEDY section with a selection of season-appropriate funny bone ticklers that will have you cackling more than the witch who just trick or treated you.

    But beware! As it’s populated by not just a vege...

  • 70s Horror
    62 videos

    70s Horror

    62 videos

    Get your groove on with a selection of 70s horror that brings the funk as well as the fear. With movies all over the map, it was a truly wild time and ARROW’s cross-section of the period will take you on an unforgettable ride through the decade.

    Wes Craven, Abel Ferrara, Dario, Peter Cushing and...

  • 80s Horror
    53 videos

    80s Horror

    53 videos

    Widely considered as the best decade for horror, on ARROW we have an immense selection of all of the very best 80s horror films, perfect for picking an old favourite, trying a film you’ve always meant to see, creating your own double bill or even making an all-nighter of it.

    Unmatched 80s classi...