ARROW Shorts

ARROW Shorts

ARROW Shorts is a brand new place to showcase some of the best film-making in short-form there is. From the scary to the bizarre, we at ARROW are proud to highlight the amazing work being done all over the world right now from some of the best new and upcoming film-makers in a shorter length medium.
This first collection we are launching are Shorts from 10 different indie filmmakers who entered a competition in 2020 to show what is possible whilst the world in in lockdown. As you will see throughout this collection, you will see some of the most amazing talent out there doing their finest work in bringing together weird, wonderful and terrifying tales to the short screen. And best of all, they are perfect for those of us short on time.
We have many more short films coming soon to ARROW where we will continue to showcase some of the best unknown (and maybe a few known) filmmakers from all over the world. Enjoy.

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ARROW Shorts
  • Stagnant

    During a break-in, a thief discovers the house they knew to be vacant may actually be inhabited by something sinister. Audience Award Winner of Arrow Video & Celluloid Screams' Horror Lockdown Competition 2020.

  • The Wedding Ritual

    The day after the wedding, the bride (Marina Drapova) wakes up being tied up to a tree...


    Watch this exclusive introduction from INSECTICDE director/creator BRYAN M FERGUSON to tell you about his short film.

  • Insecticide

    A visual manifestation of anxiety disorder and lockdown-induced paranoia.

  • Toys

    The toys are unhappy.

  • THE DRAWING - Introduction by Dominic Grose

    Introduction to The Drawing by Dominic Grose

  • The Drawing

    The Drawing is a short concept that simply asks, "What happens when your artistic vision becomes real?"

  • A DATE WITH DEATH - Intro by director Tom Hughes

    Tom Hughes (RITUAL VIDEO) introduces his short film A DATE WITH DEATH.

  • A Date With Death

    After a disastrous first date, a young woman returns home aloneā€¦ Or so she thinks.

  • Silent & Deadly

    When the quiet breeze blows through the night, he who supplied it must die.

  • Untooned

    Untooned, Miranda's had a crush on a famous cartoon character for years, but as she's gotten older, her obsession has grown unhealthy and she'll do anything to be with him in real life.

  • The Garden

    A mother (Jane Arnfield) obsesses about the insects in the garden and traps them in glass jars for good reason. Her daughter (Lauren Hurwood) is scared for her mother's sanity when she refuses to let her visit.

    Actor Craig Conway (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) described 'The Garden' as 'Dark, upset...

  • Night Feed

    Late one night a baby is terrorised by a monster in their room. Inspired by many sleepless nights, along with the strange and often stressful experience of becoming a first-time parent. It must be strange being a baby, everything is unknown and scary. Created during the Covid-19 lock-down.