Dark and Sharp: The Jim Cummings Collection

Dark and Sharp: The Jim Cummings Collection

Get to know the cutting and acerbic work of a one-of-a-kind indie Cult filmmaker in Dark and Sharp: The Jim Cummings Collection.

Known for his uncomfortably awkward tragi-comic roles in films that he also wrote and directed, like Thunder Road and The Beta Test, Cummings has also written and directed a series of biting and unmissable short films featuring outsiders pushed to breaking point. As well as these shorts, Dark and Sharp also features an exclusive ARROW original introduction to his shorts that sees Jim as the great-great-grandson of the legendary and lethal pistoleer Sartana and his Selects.

Dark and Sharp: The Jim Cummings Collection
  • Stop Scrolling

    A brand new and exclusive short from filmmakers Jim Cummings and Julia Bales

  • Us Funny

    Jim and Julia grow up.

  • The Robbery

    Crystal robs a liquor store - it goes pretty ok

  • Marty Loves Katie

    "Man's life is cheap as beast's." As the manager of a restaurant, Marty has to spin many plates, but he drops all of them when his ex-girlfriend comes in for a date

  • Parent Teacher

    "Nobody should be eating tater tots as a meal." Mr. Zahn meets the parents of his unruly students and learns that the apples don't fall far from the trees

  • Cory Comes to Christmas

    Bringing someone home for the holidays is always tough, especially with this family.

  • The Stop

    “Last thing you guys want in your car is a feathered serpent.” Gloria and her friends do drugs and then get pulled over by a cop

  • Native Stand Up

    "Do you guys know where I can find a bunch of people that look like me?" John performs stand-up comedy for the first time. It actually goes pretty okay.

  • Jim Cummings Selects

    7 items

    Jim Cummings – director – The Beta Test, Thunder Road, The Wolf of Snow Hollow