Double Feature: Girl Gang

Double Feature: Girl Gang

Boy, did you come to the wrong neighbourhood! Ed Wood’s girl gang of teen thrill-killers team up with Herschell Gordon Lewis’ band of man-eating bikers for a Girl Gang double bill that will steal your heart and your wallet in The Violent Years and She-Devils On Wheels.

The Violent Years is the story of Paula Perkins -- a good girl gone as bad as the dialogue -- who leads her degenerate teen hellcats down a deranged path of gas station hijackings, pyjama party orgies and plain cold-blooded murder in an essential exposé on crime, gender politics, and sweater-stealing.

Burning rubber and terrorising the locals in small-town Florida, in She-Devils On Wheels the Man-Eaters are an all-girl biker gang that is double hard and tough as ten nails. They take what they want, rule the roads and live their lives by the motto “Sisters before misters”, that is until one of them just can’t help herself...

Wild, vicious, outrageous and kitsch, pack a switchblade and a helmet and hold on for dear life when you hit play on our Girl Gang Double Feature.

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Double Feature: Girl Gang
  • The Violent Years

    The patron saint of sleazy American independent filmmakers for decades running, Edward D. Wood, Jr. (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, GLEN OR GLENDA?) was the ultimate Hollywood outsider. Across an infamous career, this tragic, iconoclastic director / screenwriter / pornographer / hellraiser mastered his...