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  • Lady Vengeance


    2005 ・ South Korea ・ Directed by Park Chan-Wook

    After being wrongfully imprisoned for thirteen years and having her child taken away from her, a woman seeks revenge through increasingly brutal means.

  • Sympathy for Mr Vengeance


    2002 ・ South Korea ・ Directed by Park Chan-Wook

    A recently laid off factory worker kidnaps his former boss' friend's daughter, hoping to use the ransom money to pay for his sister's kidney transplant.

  • Sex and Lucia


    2002 • Spain • Directed by Julio Medem

    Lucía is a young waitress in Madrid, who seeks refuge on a quiet, secluded Mediterranean island after the loss of her longtime boyfriend. Amidst the fresh air, dazzling sun, and glistening deep blue water, Lucía begins to piece together the dark corners o...

  • Potiche


    2011 • France • Directed by Francois Ozon

    Potiche is a witty and sparkling comedy starring Catherine Deneuve as Suzanne Pujol, a housebound 'trophy housewife' (or "potiche") who steps in to manage the umbrella factory run by her tyrannical husband. To everyone's surprise, Suzanne proves hersel...

  • Tell No One


    2008 • France • Directed by Guillaume Canet

    Based on Harlan Coben's international best selling thriller about pediatrician Alexandre Beck who still grieves the murder of his beloved wife. When two bodies are discovered, the police reopen the case and Alex becomes a suspect again. The mystery d...

  • Vamp



    1986 • United States • Directed by Richard Wenk

    Two fraternity pledges head to a seedy part of town to find some entertainment for their college friends but are faced with bloodthirsty vampires!

    Keith (Chris Makepeace, Meatballs) and AJ (Robert Rusler, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s ...

  • The Brand New Testament


    2016 • Belgium • Directed by Jaco Van Dormael

    God exists but He’s a bit of a jerk. His ten-year-old daughter Ea rebels against His tyranny and comes to Earth, gathers disciples and proposes a New Testament for how humanity should live.

  • Jumbo


    2020 • Belgium • Directed by Zoé Wittock

    In her feature debut, JUMBO, writer/director Zoé Wittock brings gleeful energy, buoyant humor, and surrealistic style to an unusual type of love story—one between woman and machine.

    A shy young woman, Jeanne, who is played with focus and emotion by Noém...

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    2010 • Sweden • Directed by Niels Arden Oplev

    The first installment of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium" trilogy introduces Lisbeth Salander, the tattooed, ruthless computer hacker, and disgraced financial journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, hired to investigate a forty year-old murder within the powerfu...

  • The Girl Who Played With Fire


    2010 • Sweden • Directed by Daniel Alfredson

    In this second installment of Stieg Larsson's phenomenal "Millennium" trilogy, Lisbeth Salander is a wanted woman. The truth of sex trade in Sweden a brutal murder leaves Salander as the prime suspect. Her history of unpredictable behavior makes her...

  • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest


    2010 • Sweden • Directed by Daniel Alfredson

    The final installment of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium" trilogy finds Lisbeth Salander fighting for her life in more ways than one. In an intensive care unit and charged with three murders, she will have to not only prove her innocence, but also ident...

  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night


    2015 ・ United States ・ Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour

    Strange things are afoot in Bad City. The Iranian ghost town - home to prostitutes, junkies, pimps and other sordid souls – is a place that reeks of death and hopelessness, where a lonely vampire is stalking the town’s most unsavoury inhabita...

  • The Flesh and Blood Show


    1972 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    Billed as "An Appalling Amalgam of Carnage and Carnality," Pete Walker's The Flesh and Blood Show is an homage to the blood-splattered, sex-smeared theatre known as the Grand Guignol. Still haunted by an especially tragic production of Othello, a ...

  • House of Whipcord


    1974 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    In HOUSE OF WHIPCORD, fashion model Ann-Marie (Penny Irving) is lured into a private reform school where she is punished for her sexually liberated behavior by a zealous warden (Barbara Markham). The warden and her doddering husband established t...

  • Frightmare


    1974 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    Throughout his career, director Pete Walker was no stranger to controversy, but his 1974 film Frightmare sparked a firestorm of criticism from the protectors of public morals, who deemed it "despicable" (London Observer), "horrendous" (Evening New...

  • The Comeback


    1978 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    Pop star Jack Jones (best remembered for the theme from The Love Boat) plays a singer who is haunted by the death of his estranged wife, and led into a confrontation with the killer, in THE COMEBACK. A sleek and entertaining slasher film from dire...

  • The Big Switch


    1968 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    Playboy John Carter is implicated in the murder of a blonde from a discotheque and is forced by gangsters into posing for pornographic photographs.

  • Schizo


    1976 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    A classic '70s slasher film and one of the first big hits of the VHS horror explosion of the early '80s SCHIZO was British filmmaker Pete Walker's answer to PSYCHO, an erotic thriller that used pop psychology as a springboard for shocking acts of ...

  • Man of Violence


    1970 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    A mercenary joins forces with 2 crooked cops in an attempt to steal a fortune in gold bullion from a corrupt Arab country.

  • House of Mortal Sin


    1974 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    A deranged priest takes it upon himself to punish his parishioners for their moral transgressions

  • Home Before Midnight


    1979 ・ United Kingdom ・ Directed by Pete Walker

    A successful rock lyricist becomes romantically involved with a girl he picks up hitchhiking only to learn that she is only fourteen. Her parents take action against him.

  • Die Screaming, Marianne


    1971 • United Kingdom • Directed by Pete Walker

    DIE SCREAMING, MARIANNE stars the luminous Susan George (STRAW DOGS) as a free-spirited hippie chick caught in a nightmarish plot to rob her of an inheritance. Marianne (George) thought she had escaped the clutches of her criminal, incestuous fam...

  • The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch


    1968 • Japan • Directed by Noriaki Yuasa

    What do you get when Noriaki Yuasa, director of Daiei Studios’ much-beloved Gamera series, makes a monochrome film adaptation of the works of horror manga pioneer Kazuo Umezu (The Drifting Classroom)? The answer is 1968’s The Snake Girl and the Silver-Hai...

  • Life is a Long Quiet River


    1988 • France • Directed by Étienne Chatiliez

    An outrageously wicked comedy about two families from award winning debut filmmaker Étienne Chatiliez, this fast-paced satire became the most popular French comedy of the decade.

    The radiantly bourgeois Le Quesnoys with their immaculate children...