Hammer House of Horror

Hammer House of Horror

13 Episodes

In the Autumn of 1980, the legendary British horror film production company ‘Hammer Films’ (‘The Curse of Frankenstein’, ‘The Quatermass Xperiment’) unleashed its second anthology television series: ‘Hammer House of Horror’.

A lucky for some thirteen episodes aired on the UK channel ITV and gave a generation of square-eyed youngsters nightmares. Featuring frightening tales with a sting in the tail written by the likes of regular Hammer scribe John Elder (‘Captain Clegg’, ‘The Reptile’, ‘Scars of Dracula’) and helmed by Hammer Films directors like Peter Sasdy (‘Hands of the Ripper’, ‘Countess Dracula’), Alan Gibson (‘The Satanic Rites of Dracula’, ‘Dracula A.D. 1972’), Don Sharp (‘Rasputin: The Mad Monk’) and Tom Clegg (‘McVicar’), the show also features star turns from an array of talent such as Peter Cushing, Pierce Brosnan, Brian Cox, James Cosmo, Denholm Elliot, The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Patricia Quinn, Zombie Flesh Eaters’ Ian McCulloch and even the UK’s own Marilyn Monroe: Diana Dors. All with special effects by Ian Scoones (‘The Dark Crystal’), ‘Hammer House of Horror’ was appointment TV that kept a nation up past their bedtime.

With enormous pleasure, ARROW now present the whole baker’s dozen of episodes, doled out one per week, just the way it was that September through to December in 1980, so you can have a weekly bask in the best of British doing horror the way no one else does.

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Hammer House of Horror
  • Witching Time

    Episode 1

    Written by Anthony Read (‘Doctor Who’, ‘Sapphire and Steel’) and directed by Don Leaver (‘The Avengers’, ‘Bergerac’, ‘Lovejoy’), ‘Witching Time’ stars ‘Frenzy’s Jon Finch, Patricia Quinn from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’ and ‘Zombie Holocaust’ leading man Ian McCulloc...

  • The Thirtheenth Reunion

    Episode 2

    Written by Jeremy Burnham, who was also responsible for the terrifying cult British folk horror childrens TV show ‘Children of the Stones’, and directed by Hammer Films regular Peter Sasdy (‘Taste the Blood of Dracula’, ‘Hands of the Ripper’, ‘Countess Dracula’), ‘The Thirteenth Reunion’ stars Ju...

  • Rude Awakening

    Episode 3

    ‘Rude Awakening’ is the second of three episodes that are directed by Hammer Films alumn Peter Sasdy (‘Hands of the Ripper’, ‘Countess Dracula’), this time from a script by Gerald Savory - who had already written TV adaptations of ‘Dracula’ and ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ and would go on to write for...

  • Growing Pains

    Episode 4

    Directed by Francis Megahy, who had already done an episode of ‘The Professionals’ and would go on to shepherd through eps of other classic British telly shows like ‘Minder’, ‘Lovejoy’ and ‘Dempsey and Makepeace’, ‘Growing Pains’ stars Barbara Kellerman (the nightmare fuel White Witch in the BBC ...

  • The House That Bled to Death

    Episode 5

    The Peters family move into a nice fixer-upper that would be a bargain if it wasn’t for walls that drip blood and it trying to kill them every five minutes. Recently vacated by a man who chopped his wife up into little pieces, the Peters’ have closed escrow on a suburban nightmare in a standout e...

  • Charlie Boy

    Episode 6

    When a rich relative takes an unexpected nose-dive off the roof, Graham (Leigh Lawson) finds himself unexpectedly inheriting an expensive art collection. Picking through the artefacts, Graham and his girlfriend Sarah (Angela Bruce) come across an African “fetish” -- a doll you can use to hurt you...

  • The Silent Scream

    Episode 7

    This one is absolutely savage, in more ways than one!

    A young and hot Brian Cox (‘Manhunter’) plays Chuck Spillers, just released from prison where he made friends with a kindly elderly pet shop owner, Martin Blueck (played by Peter ‘The Cush’ Cushing), who used to visit him. When Chuck drops by...

  • Children of the Full Moon

    Episode 8

    “The children do like their little bit of meat.”

    Written by Murray Smith (‘Cool It, Carol!’) and directed by Tom Clegg (‘McVicar’), ‘Children of the Full Moon’ stars the British Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors (‘Theatre of Blood’), as Mrs Ardoy - the matriarch of a pack of creepy kids living in a mas...

  • The Carpathian Eagle

    Episode 9

    A murderous temptress -- who may be the reincarnation of a Carpathian countess -- is picking up cheating husbands and proto fuckbois, taking them home and then cutting out their hearts in the ninth episode of ‘Hammer House of Horror’: ‘Carpathian Eagle’.

    Suzanne Danielle (‘Carry On Emmannuelle’)...

  • Guardian of the Abyss

    Episode 10

    “Anyone who helps with the washing up can’t be all bad.”

    Satanic Panic comes to the Hammer House of Horror in episode 10: ‘Guardian of the Abyss’, which stars Ray Lonnen (‘Harry’s Game’), Rosalyn Landor (‘The Devil Rides Out’) and Paul Darrow (‘Die Another Day’).

    Charming antique exporter Micha...

  • Visitor from the Grave

    Episode 11

    “I will be revenged!”

    A worst nightmare set up ends in a splatter of great gore SFX before the title has even appeared in episode 11: ‘Visitor from the Grave’. All alone in an isolated holiday home one night, Penny is menaced by a man and quite rightly gives him a barrel of her shotgun for his t...

  • The Two Faces of Evil

    Episode 12

    “Don’t worry, old chap. We’ll have you out of here in a jiffy.”

    Janet, Martin and their son David are off on their holidays when they decide to pick up a mysterious stranger clad in a yellow raincoat and sou'wester. No sooner is the man out of the storm and inside their car is he trying to tear ...

  • The Mark of Satan

    Episode 13

    “What are we to make of such an apocryphal story?”

    Brain surgery is probably stressful enough without the patient waking up mid-cerebral fiddle to scream “Leave my soul alone!”, but so begins the final ‘Hammer House of Horror’ episode: ‘The Mark of Satan’.

    Edwin is a new mortuary assistant who,...