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Children of the Full Moon

Up Next in Hammer House of Horror, Season 1

  • The Carpathian Eagle

    A murderous temptress -- who may be the reincarnation of a Carpathian countess -- is picking up cheating husbands and proto fuckbois, taking them home and then cutting out their hearts in the ninth episode of ‘Hammer House of Horror’: ‘Carpathian Eagle’.

    Suzanne Danielle (‘Carry On Emmannuelle’)...

  • Guardian of the Abyss

    “Anyone who helps with the washing up can’t be all bad.”

    Satanic Panic comes to the Hammer House of Horror in episode 10: ‘Guardian of the Abyss’, which stars Ray Lonnen (‘Harry’s Game’), Rosalyn Landor (‘The Devil Rides Out’) and Paul Darrow (‘Die Another Day’).

    Charming antique exporter Micha...

  • Visitor from the Grave

    “I will be revenged!”

    A worst nightmare set up ends in a splatter of great gore SFX before the title has even appeared in episode 11: ‘Visitor from the Grave’. All alone in an isolated holiday home one night, Penny is menaced by a man and quite rightly gives him a barrel of her shotgun for his t...