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Heaven or (mostly) Hell

Heaven or (mostly) Hell

Recently dead and stuck in limbo with a very important choice to make: up or down. Who knows if we get a choice of paradise or the abyss à la the beginning of Quarxx's film Pandemonium? We've tried to give you a choice in this collection, but let's be honest, on ARROW the choice favours purgatory more than the pearly gates!

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Heaven or (mostly) Hell
  • Pandemonium

    2023 • France • Directed by Quarxx

    Director Quarxx (All the Gods in the Sky) explores the peculiar, welcoming all those hungry for wonder, in Pandemonium, a unique cinematic blend of fantasy, drama, genre, and humour.

    Nathan (Hugo Dillon) and Daniel (Arben Bajraktaraj) are caught in a road acci...

  • Embodiment of Evil

    2008 • Brazil • Directed by José Mojica Marins

    In 2008 Zé Do Caixão returned to screens in Embodiment of Evil, the official third film in the ‘Coffin Joe Trilogy’ which began with At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul in 1964 and continued with This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse in 1967.

    Released fr...

  • Red Angel

    1966 • Japan • Directed by Yasuzô Masumura

    Directed by Yasuzo Masumura (Giants and Toys, Blind Beast), Red Angel takes an unflinching look at the horror and futility of war through the eyes of a dedicated and selfless young military nurse.

    When Sakura Nishi is dispatched in 1939 to a ramshack...

  • A Ghost Waits

    2020 · United States · Directed by Adam Stovall

    An ingeniously unique and unpredictable combo of horror, humor and heart, A Ghost Waits is a DIY labor of love years in the making from first-time writer/director Adam Stovall and producer/star MacLeod Andrews.

    Tasked with renovating a neglected ...

  • Hotel Poseidon

    2021 • Belgium • Directed by Stefan Lernous

    David reluctantly pretends to be the manager of Hotel Poseidon, where fungus covers the walls and comments such as “faded glory” and “has seen better times” completely fall short to describe the establishment. He wanders the corridors of his personal O...

  • Hellish Flesh

    1977 • Brazil • Directed by José Mojica Marins

    In Hellish Flesh, writer and director José Mojica Marins stars as Dr. George Medeiros; a brilliant scientist but neglectful husband, whose wife takes a lover and plans to murder George for his fortune. When the plot fails, the doctor is badly disfig...

  • Satanic Panic '87

    2019 • United Kingdom • Directed by Bryan M. Ferguson

    It’s 1987 and two metalheads have opened a gateway to hell under the instructions of a satanic aerobics tape.