I Think You Should Leave

I Think You Should Leave

We all want to be hospitable. We don’t want to come across as rude. We don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. But, sometimes we’re prisoners of our own manners and our politeness can turn deadly. And end... badly. 
We’ve all been there. You’re invited to stay with an old weird friend and you should have said “Thanks, but no thanks” and bailed. You realise too late that the kid you were going to let stay with you because his whole previous family died mysteriously is obviously evil. You take one look at the clearly murder-friendly house you inherited, the castle full of suspiciously seductive people with pointy teeth, or the small town full of rednecks your car runs out of gas in and should have said “You know what? I’ll get a hotel”. Or maybe a stranger or two turned up at your doorstep, or some killer gnomes crashed your birthday party, and you found yourself wishing you had just politely, yet firmly, asked them to turn around and move on.
Well, next time you are invited to go somewhere you don’t think you should, or someone suss is playing on your kindness to outstay a welcome or take advantage of your civility, remember our advice - before someone ends up getting hurt or ends up getting put in the ground: “I think you should leave.” This is a season where nobody heeds that advice and look what happens to them.

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I Think You Should Leave
  • House on the Edge of the Park

    1985 • Italy • Directed by Ruggero Deodato

    For his follow-up to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, director Ruggero Deodato delivered a shocker packed with even more cruelty and controversy. 40+ years later, it remains one of the most disturbing exploitation films of all time: David Hess of THE LAST HOUSE ON T...

  • Mansion of the Living Dead

    1985 • Spain • Directed by Jess Franco

    One of the more infamous works of his Golden Films Internacional period, writer/director Jess Franco's depraved subversion of raunchy comedy, erotic thriller and heretical horror has never popped off the screen like this: When four topless cocktail waitress...

  • The Righteous

    2021 • Canada • Directed by Mark O'Brien

    A brooding occult horror with echoes of Bergman and Pasolini, The Righteous insinuates its way beneath the skin by way of an intelligent script, taut direction, and strong performances. Writer and actor Mark O'Brien (Ready or Not) pulls no punches as he c...

  • The Bloodhound

    First-time feature director Patrick Picard brings a fresh take to one of the best-known stories from the master of mystery and the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher, in his new slow-burner horror-thriller The Bloodhound, a hauntingly atmospheric tale described by The Holly...

  • Scared Stiff

    1987 • United States • Directed by Richard Friedman

    TV star Mary Page Keller ('Pretty Little Liars') appears alongside Andrew Stevens ('10 to Midnight', 'The Fury') as a couple terrorised by an age-old curse in this much-underrated late-80s offering from director Richard Friedman. Keller plays K...

  • Vigil

    1984 • New Zealand • Directed by Vincent Ward

    A stranger appears in a remote New Zealand farmland at the exact time a farmer accidentally falls to his death. The mysterious outsider grows close to some of the dead man's family, to the point where he and the widow become lovers. But her eleven-ye...

  • Two Thousand Maniacs

    1964 • United States • Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

    The American Civil War may long be over, but the supernatural residents of small Southern town Pleasant Valley won't soon forget. When a group of Yankee tourists take a detour and wind up in the town - which has magically re-materialized ...