Kat Ellinger and Dima Ballin Selects

Kat Ellinger and Dima Ballin Selects

Kat Ellinger and Dima Ballin – directors – Orchestrator of Storms: The Fantastique World of Jean Rollin.

Author, film critic, and editor Kat Ellinger’s passion for Eurocult and Gothic film has resulted in several documentary collaborations with Dima Ballin at Diabolique Films, including a feature-length study The Magnificent Obsession of Michael Reeves (2019), which was entered into FrightFest and Sitges, 2019, as writer/producer, as well as an executive producer credit on 2018’s Hammer Horror: The Warner Brothers Years.

Other credits include short documentary films: Dracula, The Antichrist (2018), Updating Dracula (2018), A Taste of New Blood: New Directions for Hammer’s Dracula (2018).

Whilst usually working in a producer/writer role at Diabolique Films, Orchestrator of Storms: The Fantastique World of Jean Rollin will be Kat’s first co-director credit.

Dima is the founder and publisher of Diabolique Magazine and the co-founder of the Boston Underground Film Festival with his lifelong mentor David Kleiler. Dima has produced and directed several documentary films with Kat Ellinger and is currently writing two screenplays.

Kat's Picks:
Blood and Black Lace
Dark Water
Don't Torture a Duckling
Evil of Dracula
Vampire Circus
Eyes Without a Face
Eugenie de Sade
So Sweet So Perverse
The Iron Rose
Blind Beast
The Witch (1966)
The Holy Mountain
The Voice of the Moon
Immoral Tales
The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant
Satan's Slave
Dima's Picks:
Basket Case
Blood and Black Lace
Deep Red
El Topo
The Story of Sin
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1976)
Bicycle Thieves
Zombie Flesh Eaters
The Naked City
The Iron Rose
Funny Games (1997)
Faust (1926)
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Eyes Without a Face
Seven Samurai
The Hidden Fortress
Throne of Blood
Vampire Circus

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Kat Ellinger and Dima Ballin Selects
  • Basket Case

    1982 • United States • Directed by Frank Henenlotter

    The feature debut of director Frank Henenlotter (Brain Damage, Frankenhooker), 1982's Basket Case is a riotous and blood-spattered "midnight movie" experience, now presented for the first time ever in 4K.

    Duane Bradley seems like a pretty ord...

  • Dark Water

    After terrifying audiences worldwide with the blockbuster J-horror classic Ring and its sequel, director Hideo Nakata returned to the genre for Dark Water, another highly atmospheric, and critically acclaimed, tale of the supernatural which took the common theme of the “dead wet girl” to new heig...

  • Don't Torture A Duckling

    From Lucio Fulci, the godfather of gore (The Psychic, The Beyond), comes one of the most powerful and unsettling giallo thrillers ever produced: his 1972 masterpiece Don't Torture a Duckling.

    When the sleepy rural village of Accendura is rocked by a series of murders of young boys, the supersti...

  • Evil of Dracula

    In Evil of Dracula, a professor takes up a new post at an all-girls school only to discover the school's principle conceals a dark secret and the pupils are in grave danger.

  • Blind Beast

    1969 • Japan • Directed by Yasuzô Masumura

    Blind Beast is a grotesque portrait of the bizarre relationship between a blind sculptor and his captive muse, adapted from a short story from Japan’s foremost master of the macabre, Edogawa Rampo (Horrors of Malformed Men, The Black Lizard, Caterpilla...

  • The Witch (Italian version)

    1966 • Italy • Directed by Damiano Damiani

    When a young historian (Richard Johnson, Zombie Flesh Eaters) is lured to work for an ageing woman, only to be held captive when he becomes obsessed with her beautiful daughter (Rosanna Schiaffino, The Killer Reserved Nine Seats).

  • Vampyres

    A duo of blood-hungry female vampires prowls the British countryside, from where they lure unsuspecting male motorists back to their imposing, dilapidated mansion for draining... in more ways than one.

  • The Voice of the Moon

    The Voice of the Moon concerns itself with Ivo Salvini (Roberto Benigni, Life Is Beautiful), recently released from a mental hospital and in love with Aldini (Nadia Ottaviani). As he attempts to win her heart, he wanders a strange, dreamlike landscape and encounters various oddball characters, in...

  • Audition

    2001 · Japan · Directed by Takashi Miike

    One of the most notorious J-horror films ever made, Takashi Miike’s Audition exploded onto the festival circuit at the turn of the century to a chorus of awards and praise. The film would catapult Miike to the international scene and pave the way for such...

  • Deep Red

    From Dario Argento, maestro of the macabre and the man behind some the greatest excursions in Italian horror (Suspiria, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage), comes Deep Red - arguably the ultimate giallo movie. One night, musician Marcus Daly (David Hemmings, Blow Up), looking up from the street be...

  • Story of Sin

    The life of a beautiful, young and pious woman is thrown into chaos when her parents takes in a dashingly handsome lodger. Having embarked on a torrid affair, the lodger goes off to Rome to seek a divorce from his estranged wife.Unable to live apart from her beloved, our hero leaves home only to ...

  • Daimajin

    1966 • Japan • Directed by Kimiyoshi Yasuda

    As the earth tremors beneath their feet, rumors of an ancient god called the Majin that lies beneath the rock abound amongst the peasant denizens of a small mountain village community ruled over by the benevolent feudal lord Handabusa (Ryūzо̄ Shimada)....