If you fancy those thrills and twists that make you think and mess with your head and the red herrings and rug-pulls that will leave you questioning everything you’ve just seen and desperate to know where this is going, then it’s time to get PSYCHOLOGICAL.

An all-star lineup features thrillers from the likes of Dennis Villeneuve (‘Dune’), Richard Kelly (‘The Box’), Lars von Trier (‘Nymphomaniac’), Takashi Miike (‘One Missed Call’), Lynne Ramsay (‘You Were Never Really Here’) and Olivier Assayas (‘Personal Shopper’), as well as new cult mind-messer-uppers you may not have gotten around to watching yet like ‘The Bloodhound’, ‘The Deeper You Dig’, ‘The Dead Center’, ‘Threshold’ and ‘Empathy Inc.’.

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  • Double Face

    In the post-war years, the proliferation of transnational European co-productions gave rise to a cross-pollination of genres, with the same films sold in different markets as belonging to different movements. Among these, Riccardo Freda's ('I vampiri', 'The Horrible Dr. Hichock') 'Double Face' wa...

  • Maniac

    1980 • United States • Directed by William Lustig

    Frank Zito (a career performance by writer/executive producer Joe Spinell of ROCKY and THE GODFATHER fame) is a deeply disturbed man, haunted by the traumas of unspeakable childhood abuse. And when these horrific memories begin to scream inside h...

  • God Told Me To

    1976 • United States • Directed by Larry Cohen

    A rooftop sniper guns down 14 pedestrians on the streets of New York City. A mild-mannered dad takes a shotgun and blows away his wife and children. A cop goes on a sudden shooting spree at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. And each of these unlikely ki...