Rick Sloane Collection Vol. I

Rick Sloane Collection Vol. I

Cult B-movie legend Rick Sloane writes, directs, produces, edits and is the cinematographer on almost all of his films and Volume 1 of the ‘Rick Sloane Collection’ celebrates perhaps some of the best known of Rick’s movies. A fan of exploitation movies from a young age, Rick has continued to stay true to making the kind of films he’s always loved, and that we love on ARROW, and that we are sure you are going to have a blast with too.

The ‘Vice Academy’ series started as a saucy spoof of the ‘Police Academy’ flicks, but swapping out Gutenberg, the guy who can do all the voices and Bobcat for porn star Hall-of-Famer Ginger Lynn and absolute horror Queen Linnea Quigley from ‘Return of the Living Dead’ and ‘Night of the Demons’ as rookie cops Holly and Didi. We’ve got the first three of Holly and Didi’s Hollywood adventures for you here, that follow the pair as they go deep, deep undercover to try and keep the supremely sleazy LA streets safe and its water supply unspiked with aphrodisiacs!

‘The Visitants’ sees Sloane take on sci-fi as an alien couple attempt to collar a 1950s teenager who has swiped one of their ray guns in a funny and freaky fishes-out-of-water comedy set on Halloween night, while ‘Blood Theater’ keeps the laughs coming but switches up genres to the slasher! A cinema that’s been shuttered for fifty years reopens one night only for a killer to begin offing the audience one... by... one… ‘Blood Theater’ features an array of unforgettable cinema-centric kills -- fried alive inside a popcorn machine, anyone? -- and stars another cult Queen in the form of Mary Woronov (‘Death Race 2000’, ‘Night of the Comet’).

Last up is ‘Hobgoblins’ a down and very dirty take on ‘Gremlins’ that sees a gaggle of evil little monsters imbued with the power to peek inside your brain, discover your naughtiest, innermost fantasies and then make you live them out TO DEATH causing absolute chaos and trying to rip a group of sex-obsessed friends to shreds.

Lewd and crude, volume 1 of the Rick Sloane Collection is chock full of fab filth, laughs, action, explosions, monsters and aliens.

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Rick Sloane Collection Vol. I
  • Blood Theatre

    1984 ・ United States ・ Directed by Rick Sloane

    An old movie house plagued with a history of unexplained tragedies is reopened with new hopes, but bloody history repeats itself once again.

  • Hobgoblins

    1988 ・ United States ・ Directed by Rick Sloane

    When fresh faced Kevin (Tom Bartlett) gets hired as night security at an old film vault he thinks he’s in for an easy ride. But after being warned to steer clear of one mystery vault, Kevin just can't contain his curiosity and accidentally unleashe...

  • The Visitants

    1986 ・ United States ・ Directed by Rick Sloane

    Aliens chase a teenager who stole one of their ray guns.

  • Vice Academy

    1989 ・ United States ・ Directed by Rick Sloane

    Students at the police vice academy go out on the streets of L.A. and accumulate graduation points by trying to make small arrests.

  • Vice Academy 2

    1990 ・ United States ・ Directed by Rick Sloane

    Two rookie cops pose as strippers to get the drop on a villainess plotting to spike L.A.'s water with aphrodisiacs

  • Vice Academy 3

    1991 ・ United States ・ Directed by Rick Sloane

    Female inmates escape from prison and go on a series of robberies, and it's up to the incompetent vice squad rookies to stop them.