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  • Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

    2012 • United States • Directed by Charles Band

    After foiling a Nazi plot, Danny Coogan finds that his troubles have just begun. One of Toulon's Puppets has been kidnapped, and under the watchful eye of Commandant Moebius, the Puppets' life-giving serum is synthesized to create his own NAZI PUPP...

  • Puppet Master: Axis Termination

    2017 • United States • Directed by Charles Band

    To stop the Nazi war machine from winning World War II and affecting the outcome of the free world, BLADE, JESTER, PINHEAD and the rest of the indestructible Toulon puppets join forces with the masters of psychic powers! Teaming up with Toulon's bl...

  • Blade: The Iron Cross

    2020 • United States • Directed by John Lechago

    Dr. Hauser, the Third Reich's maddest scientist, rises again with murder and mayhem on his mind. As the deranged Nazi doctor's perverse plot is revealed, psychic journalist Elisa Ivanov awakens her own angel of death in BLADE and together, maiden a...