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  • How to Make a Doll

    The young, gifted university professor Dr. Percy Corley has no trouble explaining the relationship between x and y, but in matters of love, the relationship between b and g remains a puzzling mystery! That is, until his trusted colleague, Dr. Hamilcar West, completes work on his supercomputer wit...

  • The Wizard of Gore

    Behold, the great Montag the Magnificent! His fiendish magic tricks will make you shiver with fear and recoil in disgust. But are his gruesome on-stage antics - which entail the graphic slicing-and-dicing of nubile young woman with various implements - really just simple sleight-of-hand, or is so...

  • This Stuff'll Kill Ya!

    1971 • United States • Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

    In a Deep Southern town, local parishioners congregate to hear the words of the enigmatic and eccentric Rev. Roscoe Boone...and to get a taste of his Holy Moonshine! But as a string of strange and gruesome murders bring some no-nonsense f...