The Minutes Collection

The Minutes Collection

Six lives. Six interconnected stories. All shot in single takes.

ARROW are excited to present the complete MINUTES COLLECTION from Jim Cummings and Dustin Hahn! A teacher finds outs his rebellious students may be the least of his worries in PARENT TEACHER, meeting the parents brings a whole bag of festive stress is in CORY COMES TO CHRISTMAS, a cash-strapped girl botches a stickup in THE ROBBERY, the dinner shift rips open old wounds in MARTY LOVES KATIE, freak outs ensue as a trio of high teens get pulled over in THE STOP and an amateur comedian takes the stage for the first time in NATIVE STAND UP.

Get a glimpse at the most important six minutes of these ragtag characters’ lives in the utterly hilarious - yet bizarrely touching - MINUTES COLLECTION, presented here in individual episodic form.

The Minutes Collection
  • Parent Teacher

    "Nobody should be eating tater tots as a meal." Mr. Zahn meets the parents of his unruly students and learns that the apples don't fall far from the trees

  • Cory Comes to Christmas

    Bringing someone home for the holidays is always tough, especially with this family.

  • The Robbery

    Crystal robs a liquor store - it goes pretty ok

  • Marty Loves Katie

    "Man's life is cheap as beast's." As the manager of a restaurant, Marty has to spin many plates, but he drops all of them when his ex-girlfriend comes in for a date

  • The Stop

    “Last thing you guys want in your car is a feathered serpent.” Gloria and her friends do drugs and then get pulled over by a cop

  • Native Stand Up

    "Do you guys know where I can find a bunch of people that look like me?" John performs stand-up comedy for the first time. It actually goes pretty okay.

  • Minutes - Behind the Scenes