• Cinematic Void Selects

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    Cinematic Void is a Los Angeles-based cult film odyssey into the mouth of cinemadness hosted by Jim Branscome. 

    Focusing on all oddball gems of all genres, the Void unleashes an onslaught of horror, eurotrash, exploitation and gonzo action on the silver screen. Every January, the Void slips on t...

  • Gareth Evans Selects

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    Gareth Evans is the writer-director of the explosive and action arena redefining The Raid and The Raid 2, our favourite segment in V/H/S 2, the chilling folk horror Apostle, the forthcoming Havoc starring some guy called “Tom Hardy”, AND a creator, writer and director on last year’s most how-are-...

  • AGFA Selects

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    In our next ARROW Selects collection, we welcome the wonderful team over at the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) to take the ship and steer us towards some incredible films to watch. The AGFA team have all endlessly debated, fought, threatened and thrown things at each other to make this select...

  • Eric Pennycoff Selects

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    Eric Pennycoff – director – The Leech

    “My list embodies what I love most about Arrow Video. Exploitation classics and modern horror hits all under one roof with a lean towards the strange and perverse.”

  • Gia Elliot Selects

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    Gia Elliot – director – Take Back the Night

    “There is no platform quite like ARROW in its careful selection of films, and being asked to curate a list of my own from their titles is an honor. These films are my treasures. They are films my father let me stay up past bedtime to watch, films I saw...

  • Pierre Tsigaridis Selects

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    Pierre Tsigaridis – director – Two Witches

    “It is an honor to share the list of my favorite films from the Arrow catalogue. Expect some scary ghosts with long dark filthy hair, creepy children, mysterious serial killers wearing leather gloves and witches of course!”

  • Chema García Ibarra Selects

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    Chema García Ibarra – director – The Sacred Spirit

    “I have selected some of my favourite films. I've included the best film of the 1970s (Don't Torture a Duckling), the best film of the 1980s (Full Moon in Paris), the extraordinary gem that is Malatesta's Carnival of Blood, the film that has my ...

  • Chelsea Stardust Selects

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    Chelsea Stardust – director – Satanic Panic

    “I was so honored when ARROW asked me to curate my favorite ARROW titles and have my very own selects page! I wanted to give you a wide variety to choose from... horror, dark comedies, dramas, horror-comedies, Christmas horror (one of my faves) and fan...

  • Robinson & Young Select

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    Powell Robinson and Patrick R. Young – directors – Threshold

    “Our relationship as friends and co-directors began by showing each other mostly questionable, sometimes excellent cinema, so it only feels right that with the release of Threshold, we get to do the same with the platform Arrow gives u...

  • Chad Crawford Kinkle Selects

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    Chad Crawford Kinkle – director – Dementer, Jug Face

    “I'm not a fan of lists. Usually, the author is trying to impress by picking out movies that will make them seem smart or cool. But that's exactly what I'm about to do. Just kidding. The movies below, not only mean something to me personally b...

  • Adam Stovall Selects

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    Adam Stovall – director – A Ghost Waits

    “Valentine’s Day, so Arrow has made the questionable decision to ask me, a noted expert* on romance, to recommend some movies for y’all to check out on ARROW while things like weather and a global pandemic have us all celebrating this most holy of days in ...

  • Maxi Contenti Selects

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    Maxi Contenti – director – The Last Matinee

    “I was honored to make a selection from the Arrow player catalogue, I must confess I’m quite terrible at this, but I could not resist. So here is my eclectic and very personal mix bag of movies I found compelled to include. Some are personal favs or di...

  • Brian Lonano Selects

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    Brian Lonano – director – Gwilliam, BFF Girls and Crow Hand!!!

    “I am honored and humbled to be here today - not only to showcase my films on this carefully curated channel of classic, contemporary and cult cinema but to also highlight films that I quite enjoy!  My picks showcase a love of aesthe...

  • David Buchanan Selects

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    David Buchanan – director – Laguna Ave

    “I feel extremely proud and lucky to see Laguna Ave in the company of all these incredible films. I’ve picked eight of my favourite cinematic treats from the Arrow library, all of which have inspired me in some way and informed my tastes as a filmmaker. The...

  • Michael Venus Selects

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    Michael Venus – director – Sleep

    "Finding such a lovingly curated home for SLEEP here at Arrow makes me feel very fortunate, and yet would be lying if I said it wasn't a dream come true. Because it truly surpassed everything that I dared to dream of when we send our film on its complicated jour...

  • Adam Rehmeier Selects

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    Adam Rehmeier – director – Dinner in America

    “When ARROW invited me to curate my own selects from their catalog I couldn't help but arrange my picks thematically into double-bills. Honestly, it would be super hard for me to keep it under 40 films if I didn't go this route. Plus, I'm just a big b...

  • Nicholas Payne Santos Selects

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    Nicholas Payne Santos – director – Holiday Fear, Mother Fucker

    “With the release of my short films HOLIDAY FEAR and MOTHER FUCKER on ARROW, I jumped at the opportunity to curate a selection of titles that would perfectly complement them. Bloody, campy and quintessential slashers, dark and twiste...

  • Stewart Sparke Selects

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    Stewart Sparke – director – Book of Monsters

    “Arrow is a brand that has always held a special place in my heart and so it’s a real honour to see my own film among some of my all-time favourites! With so many amazing films to choose from, I selected those which had the biggest influence on my hor...

  • Noel David Taylor Selects

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    Noel David Taylor – director – Man Under Table

    “Have you ever wondered what movies I would recommend to watch? Well, here they are, anyway! Hello, Noel here, I’m honored to have had the chance to scour the elaborate and varied curio of films on here to give you some of my favourites. It’s a pieb...

  • Justin McConnell Selects

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    Justin McConnell – director – Clapboard Jungle, Lifechanger, Skull World