• David Buchanan Selects

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    David Buchanan - director of Laguna Ave

    "I feel extremely proud and lucky to see Laguna Ave in the company of all these incredible films. I’ve picked eight of my favourite cinematic treats from the Arrow library, all of which have inspired me in some way and informed my tastes as a filmmaker. Th...

  • Michael Venus Selects

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    Michael Venus - director of Sleep

    "Finding such a lovingly curated home for SLEEP here at Arrow makes me feel very fortunate, and yet would be lying if I said it wasn't a dream come true. Because it truly surpassed everything that I dared to dream of when we send our film on its complicated jou...

  • Adam Rehmeier Selects

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    Adam Rehmeier - director of Dinner in America

    “When ARROW invited me to curate my own selects from their catalog I couldn't help but arrange my picks thematically into double-bills. Honestly, it would be super hard for me to keep it under 40 films if I didn't go this route. Plus, I'm just a big ...

  • Nicholas Payne Santos Selects

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    Nicholas Payne Santos - director of Holiday Fear and Mother Fucker

    “With the release of my short films HOLIDAY FEAR and MOTHER FUCKER on ARROW, I jumped at the opportunity to curate a selection of titles that would perfectly complement them. Bloody, campy and quintessential slashers, dark and tw...

  • Stewart Sparke Selects

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    Stewart Sparke - director of Book of Monsters

    “Arrow is a brand that has always held a special place in my heart and so it’s a real honour to see my own film among some of my all-time favourites! With so many amazing films to choose from, I selected those which had the biggest influence on my ho...

  • Noel David Taylor Selects

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    Noel David Taylor - director of Man Under Table

    “Have you ever wondered what movies I would recommend to watch? Well, here they are, anyway! Hello, Noel here, I’m honored to have had the chance to scour the elaborate and varied curio of films on here to give you some of my favourites. It’s a pie...

  • Justin McConnell Selects

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    Justin McConnell - director of Clapboard Jungle, Lifechanger and Skull World