Killer Tech

Killer Tech

We all want the latest gadgets, but in Killer Tech screen time means scream time.

From cursed videotapes and phone calls to the dangers of the dark web and vicious virtual reality, ARROW’s newest, smallest, lightest, fastest, most expensive curated collection doesn’t just have the best screen, the largest amount of storage and the coolest camera - it also comes with a guarantee that the newest tech equals instant death.

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Killer Tech
  • .com For Murder

    2002 • United States • Directed by Nico Mastorakis

    In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream! This turn-of-the-millennium cyber psycho-thriller from Nico Mastorakis (Island of Death, Nightmare at Noon) showcases the usual gleeful eye for excess and inspired casting (including rock stars Roger Da...

  • Laguna Avenue

    2021 • United States • Directed by David Buchanan

    Welcome to Laguna Ave. Russell lives in the big house split into apartments on the corner. It’s full of weirdos but everyone is really nice and we like to all hang out and have drinks on the lawn. Except for this one guy, Gary. He’s a bit… off, a...

  • Edge of the Axe

    From cult Spanish filmmaker José Ramón Larraz (Vampyres, Symptoms) comes this long-neglected late 80s slasher classic, finally unleashed for the first time ever! The rural community of Paddock County is being rocked by the crazed exploits of an axe-wielding psychopath, who stalks the night in a b...

  • One Missed Call

    Tapping into the same brand of terror as the Ring and Grudge movies, visionary director Takashi Miike ('Audition', 'Blade of the Immortal') presents a modern, high-tech twist on that mainstay of Japanese folklore, the yurei or vengeful spirit, in the form of its own iconic antihero - the terrifyi...

  • Things to Come

    1976 • United States • Directed by Derek Todd

    A future dystopia dream-epic shot in San Antonio, THINGS TO COME finds Julie leaving her marriage to investigate a mysterious sci-fi cult on behalf of frustrated women everywhere. With a soundtrack that feels like it was cribbed from A CLOCKWORK ORAN...

  • Ringu

    1998 • Japan • Directed by Hideo Nakata

    In 1998, director Hideo Nakata (Dark Water) unleashed a chilling tale of technological terror on unsuspecting audiences, which redefined the horror genre, launched the J-horror boom in the West and introduced a generation of moviegoers to a creepy, dark-ha...

  • The Mutilator - Watch Along!

    Something is afoot at ARROW HQ. A mysterious presence and the streaming service’s very own A.I. are determined to turn what should be a big night in ARROW history - our first live stream - into a chilling bloodbath that puts the ARROW team and an array of special guests on the chopping block.


  • Tetsuo - The Iron Man

    A strange man known only as the "metal fetishist", who seems to have an insane compulsion to stick scrap metal into his body, is hit and possibly killed by a Japanese "salaryman", out for a drive with his girlfriend. The salaryman then notices that he is being slowly overtaken by some kind of dis...

  • The Transmission

    2012 • United States • Directed by Brian Lonano

    While a storm rages outside and Henry drinks his bottle of absinthe, he receives a television transmission - from his dead wife.

  • Whatever This Is - Episode 1 "Who Is This?"

    12 years ago, MAN UNDER TABLE director Noel Taylor was visited by himself from the future, now he's back and he's here to tell you about a movie he made. In this episode, Noel attempts to interview his future self under the ever-watchful bleeping red eye of an ominous black box.

  • Whatever This Is - Episode 2 "The Black Box"

    12 years ago, MAN UNDER TABLE director Noel Taylor was visited by himself from the future, now he can talk to himself. In this episode, Noel perilously tries to talk about the movie MAN UNDER TABLE to his future self to understand how the film became such a hit release. However future Noel must d...

  • Whatever This Is - Episode 3 "Tell Us About The Film"

    12 years ago, MAN UNDER TABLE director Noel Taylor was visited by himself from the future, now he can talk to himself. Present-day Noel is reaching a breaking point as he attempts to learn more about MAN UNDER TABLE, knowing that one day he will have to have this same conversation with his past s...

  • Whatever This Is - Episode 4 "The Delta Wall"

    It is present-day Los Angeles. 12 years ago, MAN UNDER TABLE director Noel Taylor was visited by himself from the future, now through technology that should have never been created, he can talk to himself. In the season finale, the promotional machine clock is ticking down, Noel must learn more a...